Get Professional Dash Cam Installation at Our Carson City Auto Shop

Get Professional Dash Cam Installation at Our Carson City Auto Shop

Get Professional Dash Cam Installation at Our Carson City Auto ShopWith so many risky drivers on the road today, video evidence is more crucial than ever to defend oneself. Whether you're parked or on the road, dash cams are the way to go. Read on to learn about some of the latest dash cam features. When you dash cam or another type of accessory installation, stop by Presto Auto Electric in Carson City, NV for services.

4K Resolution

If you're seeking the highest resolution camera on the market, 4K has arrived. These cameras provide video that is equivalent to viewing a movie! Remember that the higher the resolution, the more storage it requires. 4K video takes up nearly four times the amount of space as 1080p video.


A dual-channel feature records both the front and rear portions of your car for total coverage. However, the video quality of the rear camera is usually worse than the front. Get a dash cam with dual-channel capabilities if you're worried about tailgaters or rear-enders.

Night Vision Mode

If you drive at night a lot, invest in a dash cam with night vision mode. In low-light situations, the camera's exposure will be increased to brighten up the location being recorded. While night vision isn't perfect for recording license plates in the dark, it does a good job of catching anyone lurking about your vehicle.

Dash Cam Installation in Carson City

GPS features can record your car's speed in addition to knowing where you are. If your car is involved in an accident where the driver has been suspected of speeding, this feature is beneficial. It can also be used to challenge speeding tickets.

When you need dash cam installation in Carson City, contact Presto Auto Electric. Our team is skilled at installing numerous electrical accessories for all cars and trucks. Besides dash cams, we install backup cameras, car alarms, GPS tracking systems, lighting upgrades, and enhanced car audio. Feel free to give Presto Auto Electric a call at (775) 430-4546 to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's accessory installation needs!

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Posted: May 2022

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