Common Issues that Cause No-Start

Common Issues that Cause No-Start

Automotive engines are incredibly complex pieces of machinery that require a very specific blend of air, gas, and electricity to run. To make this magic happen, there are a number of specialized parts that need to work intricately together. If any of these parts goes haywire, you could find yourself unable to get fired up. Here's a look at five common reasons that a car won't start.

Faulty Fuel Pump

A bad fuel pump won't allow gas to transit between your tank and your engine. One indication that the fuel pump has begun failing is that you're noticing inconsistent acceleration. At the first sign of trouble, you'll want to address this so that you don't end up stranded.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Gunked-up fuel injectors can prevent your combustion chamber from taking in the fuel needed to start running.

Bad Starter

If when you turn over the key all you get is a clicking noise, then you could very well have a failing starter. A healthy starter is necessary to engage the flywheel and get it to start spinning as it should.

Bad Alternator

Your alternator juices up your battery. If it fails, then your battery's power reserve is liable to run dry, which could prevent you from getting started.

Failing Ignition Switch

Ignition switches create the electrical pathways needed for your engine to come roaring to life. A sign of trouble in the department is flickering dash lights.

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