Visit Our Carson City Auto Shop to Find Out Why Your Car is Clicking

Visit Our Carson City Auto Shop to Find Out Why Your Car is Clicking

Visit Our Carson City Auto Shop to Find Out Why Your Car is ClickingUnusual clicking sounds could be nothing to be concerned about. A clicking sound can be produced for a variety of reasons, such as slowly turning the ignition or driving. Below is a list of some of the most popular triggers for clicking. When you want to find the source of your vehicle's clicking, stop by Presto Auto Electric in Carson City, NV for services.

One Click

If you just hear one click, the starter might need to be repaired. The starter, which is in charge of starting the engine, may need to be replaced if this happens. If it turns out that the starter is not the problem, it can be an electrical problem or a bad starter relay.

Rapid Clicking

If your car makes a brief clicking noise when you turn it on, the electrical system may be malfunctioning. The two most typical offenders are either a dead battery or an inefficient alternator. Jump-starting the battery can temporarily fix the problem, but it's important to get your car checked out as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown on the road.

While Driving Slowly

If you frequently hear a clicking noise when driving at moderate speeds, the CV joints may be to blame. Look for visible wear indicators like cracks or leaks in the CV joints. A severely damaged joint has to be replaced. If you wait too long, you may need to replace the axle entirely. It's possible that worn-out brake pads are also to blame for this noise. Having improperly positioned brake pads may cause them to click when lightly pressed.

Auto Repair in Carson City

When it comes to diagnosing a clicking sound, the job is best left to the pros. Today's complex cars and trucks require special equipment and deep knowledge of the auto's inner workings to ensure accurate diagnostics and fixes, which is exactly what the team at Presto Auto Electric offers. Our ASE-certified technicians understand the signs and symptoms of car trouble, whether it's a strange sound, vibration, or smell, decreased performance, or the illumination of a dashboard warning light. Whatever clued you into the fact your car needed service, our team can fix it. Give us a call at (775) 430-4546 to schedule superior auto repair in Carson City or the surrounding area!

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Posted: September 2022

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