Here's What To Do if Your Car Won't Start - A Guide From Our Carson City Mechanics

Here's What To Do if Your Car Won't Start - A Guide From Our Carson City Mechanics

Here's What To Do if Your Car Won't Start - A Guide From Our Carson City MechanicsThe trouble with getting your car to start often happens at the worst time. See below for the most frequent causes of automotive trouble, along with solutions. When you need auto repair to get your car back on the road, stop by Presto Auto Electric in Carson City, NV for services.

Dead Battery

When your vehicle won't start, start by checking the battery. The battery powers the electrical components of the car, including the lights and radio. Due to improper wiring, leaving a light on all night, or having an old battery, it can stop working. Try jump-starting your car to get it started. If that works, have your battery inspected right away to see if it's time for a replacement.

Ignition Problems

You might find that the issue arises as soon as you try to turn the key. If the key cannot be turned, the ignition might be locked. This sometimes occurs when parking on a hill or when your wheels are touching a curb. Try turning the steering wheel back and forth to release the ignition lock.

If you can physically turn the key and the car won't start, you may have a bad ignition switch. To be sure it's not a dead battery, see if you can turn on your dashboard lights or headlights.

Empty Gas Tank

An empty gas tank is among the simplest issues to fix if there is a gas station nearby. If your gas gauge points to empty, your car is out of gas. It's not advised to let your tank get this low though. Regularly running out of gas will damage the gasoline filter, leaving you stranded and possibly leading to serious engine issues down the road.

Auto Repair in Carson City

When it comes to auto repairs the job, is best left to the pros. Today's complex cars and trucks require special equipment and deep knowledge of the auto's inner workings to ensure accurate diagnostics and fixes, which is exactly what the team at Presto Auto Electric offers. Our ASE-certified technicians understand the signs and symptoms of car trouble, whether that's a strange sound, vibration, or smell, decreased performance, or the illumination of a dashboard warning light. Whatever clued you into the fact your car needed service, our team can fix it. Feel free to give Presto Auto Electric a call at (775) 430-4546 to schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle's maintenance needs in Carson City!

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Posted: July 2022

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